Sustainable Development

  • Vision

    To be a world-class packaging printing solution provider!

  • Mission

    By focusing on consumers’ packaging experience, we provide our customers with competitive solutions and services, pursue mutual prosperity of our business partners, employees and shareholders, and as a result, contribute to build a sustainable society.

  • Values

    Customer success, credibility, persuit of excellence and mutual prosperity.



Zhangjiagang printing factory(the predecessor of ZRP)was founded.


The ZhongShan ZRP was founded.


The first printer in Zhongshan certified by ISO9001.


ZRP Tianjin was founded to serve the customers in North China.


Color management system was launched.


ZRP R&D Centre was established, provding solutions in structural design, material selection and finishing.


ZRP Kunshan was founded to serve the customers in East China.


the first digital printing press was introduced


ZRP Management Training College was founded.


Fusion Merchandising Co., LTD. was founded.


Opening of ZRP Tianjin new factory.


Opening of ZRP Shenyang new factory.
Your recognition is our honor.
China's top 100 printers 
July 2017
Siyuan Award (Charity fund love silver award)
June 2017
Provincial Enterprise Technology Center
June 2017
Provincial Industrial Design Center
May 2017
HP digital printing excellence award 
December 2016
Won P&G global excellence supplier award for the fifth time 
October 2015
National high-tech enterprise
January 2015
One of the top ten most competitive printiers in Guangdong province
April 2015
Won the special award in the green revolution of luxury packaging for two consecutive years 
December 2014
The packaging and digital printing engineering technology research center in Guangdong province
October 2014
National printing demonstration enterprise
November 2013
Wrigley creative award- the creativity award for new supplier
April 2013
Luxury packaging green revolution award
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Sustainable Development
Public welfare activities
  • Holding "Zhongshan Cha-rity of Great Parade" which delivers the spirit of "free-dom, equality and fraterni-ty"
  • Participating in the "calli-graphy charity sale" ac-tivity to help the impove-rished workers who have retired.
  • Sponsoring the municipal sports event.
  • Actively participating in the activities of helping poor schools.
  • Carrying out "raising fund for education and impove-rished students” activity for many consecutive years.
  • Participating in the joint public welfare student-aid activities with clients.
System Certification


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