Market Insights
Product Solutions
Supply Chain
Market Insights
Market-driven innovation based on our understanding of consumers

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    One consumer research and marketing planning center

    Which focuses on researches and collects technical information of the industry frontier.

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    100+ professional R&D team cooperate with scientific research institutions

    Professional institutions for technical complementarity and joint development.

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    90 innovation and R&D patents

    Providing new technologies to support product innovation and reduced efficiency.

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    Once in two years industry exchange and innovation conference

    To join the upstream and downstream in the industrial chain for collaborative innovation.


Consumer Research

We always attach importance to the terminal market research and consumer behavior research. By following the latest information provided by authorities and rich industry experience, ZRP provides you with packaging solutions that are competitive in the market.

Tell the story of your brand from a piece of blank paper.
  • Product Concept

    We are committed to breaking the boundaries of packaging design and recombining the elements of art, design and technology, so as to provide the best practices of concept commercialization.

  • Structure

    A professional design team with 30 people helps 120+ customers to come up with 1500+ structure designs. While strengthening the protection to products, they upgrade the display effect, enhance the efficiency of packing lines, and reduce packaging materials.

  • Graphic Design

    Through indepth communication with the brand, we offer professional graphic design service and optimize brand image.

Product Solutions
Small packaging, big magic


We offer a full set of finishing including UV coating, holographic, cat's eye, laser cutting, cold foil and hot foil, embossing, anti-counterfeiting, reticulating varnish, soft touch, etc.

Reverse Scrub
Cold Burn
Laser Engraving
Hot Stamping


Development and application of new materials and environmental-friendly materials.
High quality and stable materials supply through the strategic alliance with suppliers.
Material localization and cost-quality balance.

Supply Chain
We see both supply chain and value chain.

Diversified Printing Platforms


Professional Pre-press Management

Pantone lIVE digital color management
Automaticcolor matching system
Cross-platform and cross-regional color control system
G7 certification

Smart Factory

Intelligent equipment powered by modern IT system
We want every customer to know that ZRP is determined to ensure good product quality.

ZRP owns a comprehensive integrated management system certification including ISO9001 quality management system, SC certification system, G7 and GMI color management system.

We keep striving for your better experience.
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